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History of Our Business
While building a car, our owner needed a certain car part and had to buy a lathe. Before he knew it, he was selling machinery tools. For 28 years, he has been providing a source for heavy machinery for the metal manufacturing industry.

Great Tools for Your Metal Fabrication Company
At our store, we carry a variety of new and used heavy machine tools for the metal fabrication and metal cutting industries.  Right now, we offer a terrific lineup of used equipment, and we offer the CNC computer numerical control—a computerized turning lathe.

 Heavy Equipment:

  • Stationary Equipment: Shears, Breaks, & All the Metal
    Tools Needed for Large Manufacturers
  • Ironworker: Shears, Breaks, Bends, Punches, Notches,
    & Coping (Does Everything)
  • Metal Lathes & Milling Machines for Turning
  • Saws & Metal Saws

 Authorized Dealer for the Following Brands:

  • Sponsored Equipment: Clausing/Colchester™ Sharp Tools
  • Jet Tools™, Sharp Industries™, & WMH™ Tool Group

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metal fabrication or metal cutting machinery.

Service Areas:
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Ohio, West Virginia,
& Indiana

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